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We're famous!

Make sure to watch our video on YouTube with Levi Kelly! He came out and filmed a behind the scenes video of the "Air Castle". Keep an eye out for part two when he comes out to film the finished product.


Within a time shorter than many spend driving to work is a getaway like no other. As kids, many of us had either a small ledge in the trees built by Daddy or Grandpa, a fort in the forest used as a clubhouse, or wondered what it would be like to hang out in the sky. Now as adults, we are able to act on those dreams and have all the comforts we have come to expect along with the unmatched views that a treehouse offers.  


Highpoint Treehouses now offers its first of many treehouses for short-term overnight stays. The experience is the vision of the Taylor family in Ladonia, Texas. Ladonia is known as a “Small Town with a Big Future”. Lake Ralph Hall will start construction in 2020, and over the next few years will bring the newest lake to Texas as a water supply for the metroplex and a new recreational water-sport destination. Staying in the treehouses more than once over the next few years will offer the rare chance to see the changes in the area. 


We continue to plan and design the next treehouse. Sign up for email updates here so you can stay up-to-date on any upcoming additions!



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We had such a blast filming this with Kels and Jay! Make sure to watch the video below to see the tour.

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