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I do not see your address listed on the website anywhere, can I stop by and take a tour? 

In order to maintain the privacy of our guests and keep passer-by traffic to a minimum, the address and specific driving directions will be provided along with your check-in confirmation upon making a reservation. We are located within 1-minute driving time from the downtown square of Ladonia if you want to explore the local area in person or online.


I only see one treehouse listed, do you have any other options?  

Not currently. We are actively planning and designing our next treehouse! Sign up for our email updates as we progress toward adding the next special destination. We will try to incorporate ideas and suggestions received from our guests through comments left in the guestbook.


Do the treehouses have bathrooms?

Yes, a private bathroom. The treehouse has all the comforts of a home but with a better view…even from the bathroom! The treehouse has a full bathroom including shower, running water and toilet on septic. We furnish all bath towels.


Should we bring food to cook or are there local places to eat nearby?  

We provide a refrigerator with a few condiments (Highpoint Honey from our local bee yard, local farm fresh eggs, etc.) to allow you the ability to bring your desired items for your stay. If you want to cook using the equipped kitchen see next question. We stock the treehouse with complimentary breakfast items for your use (including local farm fresh eggs) to create your own breakfast the next morning. The treehouses have full kitchens and bathrooms, complete with hot and cold running water and all the comforts of home, including: pots and pans, dishes, cooking and eating utensils, cups, mugs and glasses, but we encourage you to bring any other food, snacks, and drinks. Click here to see our list of local highly recommended restaurants within a short drive if you want to avoid cooking. If you need any last-minute items or you need anything extra, there is a local convenience store a couple minutes away, nearby grocery store 10 minutes away in Wolfe City and a Walmart 15 minutes away in Commerce.


If I bring food to eat, is the kitchen equipped to prepare a meal?  

There is a microwave and cook top located in the kitchen. We do provide dishes as well as cookware. We do ask that you clean up after yourself. We will clean the floors and bathrooms, as well as change the bed linens and towels when clearing the unit after you check-out.


What are your rates?  

Our rates vary by occupancy, time of year and day of the week. We have a 2-day minimum for most weekend stays (3-days on holiday weekends), but allow single night stays during the week. *See calendar for availability and rates once we are up and running!*


Can I just stop by to look around?

In order to provide a quiet setting for all guests, we are not able to accommodate guest visits. Please try to plan a stay and make a reservation with us, even for a single night during the week. The weekends require a minimum stay of two (2) nights.


Do you allow children?

No. We are a getaway for adults focused on rest and relaxation, rejuvenation, and reconnecting. With this in mind, we suggest and encourage you to not bring the kids. We try to provide an atmosphere highlighting nature for mature adults looking for a quiet, relaxing destination conducive to a romantic getaway.


What animals may I get to see in the area?  

We offer a unique destination with a wildlife feeder, motion sensor, colored lights that animals cannot see and an overhead view from the treehouse to observe nature in its own unfenced habitat. Local animals that you may see include: deer, wild hogs, raccoons, armadillos, opossums, rabbits, bobcats, squirrels, owls, red-tailed hawks and many other varieties of birds.


Do you have hiking and biking trails on the property or in the area?  

Yes! There are many nature trails on the property and many others in close proximity. The Chaparral Bike Trail is 35.2 miles long extending between Farmersville and Pecan Gap. It passes through Ladonia and offers great access to the Highpoint Treehouses.


Are we allowed to shoot guns on the property?  

No. Highpoint Treehouses is deep in the woods, but is technically within the city limits of Ladonia. Therefore, discharging firearms within the city limits is against the law.


Are we allowed to hunt on the property?  

No. Highpoint Treehouses is deep in the woods, but is technically within the city limits of Ladonia. Therefore, discharging firearms within the city limits or shooting wildlife is against the law.


Do you have bugs?  

Yes. The treehouses are in the woods and in the trees. We have different bugs at different times of the year. Most of the bugs are near the ground and are harmless, but if any particular kind of bugs are a problem for you, you might bring a repellent of your choice.


Are we allowed to ride ATVs on the property?  

No. In order to maintain the natural conditions for all future guests, please limit your mode of travel on the nature trails to your feet or mountain bikes, and enjoy the sounds of the woods (…rarely heard at home in the metroplex).


So what should I bring?
Besides the obviously healthy and adventurous attitude you already have (or you would not have gotten this far), please bring a good sense of humor! We also recommend bringing any normal travel gear you might take anywhere else depending on your interests and activities: clothing and footwear for both warm and cool weather, toiletries and accruements such as: bike, flashlight, camera, books, plus any consumables you like to have with you.


Do you allow pets?

No. We do not allow pets given the nature of the property in concern for their safety. We do follow ADA guidelines regarding Service Animals, so please notify us when making a reservation should you have a qualified under ADA guidelines Service Animal. *We are sorry, this does not include Emotional Support Animals.*


Is the property and treehouse wheelchair accessible?

No. We are not wheelchair accessible. Due to our rustic, natural environment, we are not able to accommodate wheelchair visitors.


What do we do if we need to contact someone during our stay for anything?  

If anything happens during your stay that you need help with, please contact us immediately using the phone number provided with your check-in details.


Is there a way to send something special to my room for a special occasion?

Yes! We will offer a variety of items that you can choose from that will be provided and ready for your arrival. 


What is the nearest airport?  

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) is serviced by all major airlines and is the home base for American Airlines. Ladonia, Texas and Highpoint Treehouses are a comfortable highway drive of 1.5 hours depending on traffic. If flying in using a private plane, contact us ahead of time and we can discuss nearby local options depending on the size of your aircraft.

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