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Time to Start Cutting!

If you are going to be in the tree, then the view will be the most important thing. How better to get a view than to start cutting some windows…

… and more windows!!!

The first side will have seven (7) windows. Four (4) extremely large ones for the window wall in the living room, and then three (3) very large screen windows from the back porch and hot tub! I cannot wait to see the view from the hot water and watch the birds trying to get into the extra-large “bird bath”.

Rare View!

This is the view from the future ground floor storage looking “up” through the lower bedroom floor (door in the floor and bay-window bump out for the king size bed), into the bathroom, and through the floor of the upper bedroom. This container will be lifted into the vertical position and the top bedroom will be 30’ off the ground. What a tough thing to design and build on its’ side. My neck is hurting from always trying to visualize things sideways and making sure not to cut things wrong!

Framing the Porch!

This is the rough opening to the screened-in back porch from the living room. I better not forget to put the hot tub out there before the container doors are welded shut and the crane arrives...I sure don’t want to have to carry the hot tub up the stairs and it would be a tight squeeze through the front door!

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