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The first thing we need to do to make it start feeling like a treehouse is to finally start building things up in the air. This is the first step. It is formerly a guidesign structure purchased from DFW Airport and has been repurposed for holding up our special treehouse. It is much larger than we need, but being a traffic engineer...there is no better thing to use to stand-in for a tree!!!

Pieces are Coming Together!

The nearside frame is the cradle for the stairwell and bedroom vertical containers. The posts will hold one end of the two (2) horizontal containers for the living room, kitchen, dining and outdoor porch.

Starting to Feel High in the Trees!

Up at 20’, that will be the floor of the living room and bathroom. Some visitors say, “Oh boy that’s high”. Then I say...“Just wait, the crow’s nest will be up at 50’”. No way!!!

View from the Floor!

This will be the view from the floor of the screened-in back porch and hot tub. We are getting up there. Just wait!!!

Special Bois D Arc Tree!!!

This tree will play a special and important role in the treehouse and will host many guests and future friends from under the treehouse!!!

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