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New Hire!

While working, we heard the sound of a crying dog. After taking an hour break hunting through the woods and sneaking up on the sound, we found this cute puppy hiding in the bank of a creek in the middle of the woods. We hired him immediately to join the team! Welcome to the team Bois (named after the Bois d Arc tree holding up the treehouse).

Work faster or slow down?

I texted my wife this picture and said we may not get as much done today as planned due to the need to train our new employee...oh well, I can handle that!

Crow’s Nest Arrives!

This will be the icing on the cake or more like the cake topper for the vertical containers...and top things off at 50+ feet. Jon Ross welded it, but he won’t be setting foot on it once welded in place. Not a fan of heights!

Complex steel branches in the trees!

This web of steel will not harm the tree and ultimately blend in with the tree limbs once the containers are dropped on top.

King size bed with a view!

In order to expand the bedrooms and provide a special view from the bed, we are constructing a bump-out with a glass ceiling that will provide an incredible view when you are laying on your pillow looking toward the stars!

Safe exits in an emergency!

We have family members that are firemen. So, we want to always keep in mind what would be needed in an emergency. These small balconies are provided outside the two bedrooms for use to exit the containers and use rope ladders in the rare case when needed.

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