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It’s not everyday you see a 40’ shipping container flying through the air…and if you do that probably is not a good thing. But for us, this is a day we have been working so hard toward for 3 months. The stairwell is first to go fly!!!

Who is next?

The bedrooms and bathroom are the next ones to take flight after laying on their side for 3 months. Now it’s time to stop building sideways and start being able to use a level in its final configuration.

Love it when a plan comes together!

We kept saying it sure feels different and much taller than it was while on the ground. So happy to see all the planning coming together and all the cut things lining up as hoped.

Time to make it a “treehouse”!

The living room and screened in porch finally get lifted 20’ up and rest on the beam in the tree. We put so much work into this part and were nervously excited to see it land in place.

Time for the cake topper!

Some are saying that we may be the tallest structure in Fannin County with the placement of the crow’s nest topping out around 55’. Can’t wait to set foot up there, but it will have to wait since our boom is not tall enough to get up there. Oh man…

Welding with a view!

If Jon Ross would open his eyes or take off his helmet he would see the great view from on top of the living room. He says he is not missing anything...not a fan of heights! Jon Ross and his team have been such a big help and key member’s of the construction team. Thanks for the great work guys!!!

Time to get dried in!!!

Perfect timing to install the windows after getting a small rain shower. Only way to get the water out is to drill a hole in the floor and squeegee it out. Hope that we don’t have to do that too many more times...

Exterior coming together!!

After doing as much as possible on the ground before the crane, the exterior is looking pretty complete with the windows installed. So exciting to see! We will be adding the screens to the porch so we can enjoy the hot tub in the trees without having to swat flies away.

What a view from the Drone!!

No better place to get the big picture of the scale of the project than from the drone. So fun to see the vision come together since most of the design has been in my head. Many of the staff have been working with a lot of trust in what I suggest and now they say, “Oh, that’s how it goes together!”

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